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Updated Oct. 17th, 2010.
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Horses for Sale

Welcome to
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Specializing in Training/Sales
of our young warmbloods

We offer a high quality youngster, light in the bridle, using no tricks or gadgets.

Our youngsters are started on the longe in the round pen at 2 years old and backed at 3 years. They are carefully trained using the classical German training scale with the major emphasis on flatwork, giving them the correct foundation for any eventual discipline.

Please hold your mouse over the Horses For Sale Bar on left hand side for information on our various horses. If the names of the horses do not appear, the active content may be blocked by your browser settings. The pages for each horse are also shown on the navigation bar at the bottom of this page.

Prices will increase as training progresses. They are in Canadian Dollars and do not include 5% GST which must be paid by Canadian buyers. GST is not charged to U.S. or International purchasers.

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